“If this was a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.”

~ Zachary, age 6

A cat and Dog embrace AT A Pet Adoption CEREMONY



There are few occasions in life more joyful than welcoming a new family member, and few commitments with more meaning. When you decide to adopt an animal into your home—or accept wholeheartedly that an animal has adopted you—that “yaaaas” is truly a milestone moment, one definitely worthy to proclaim and celebrate!

Your new companion isn’t incidental or “just a pet.” He or she is becoming an equally valued member of your family.

Affirming this with a custom Family Welcoming and Naming Ceremony will strengthen your bond, create a cherished memory and clarify your commitment to an animal being that will love and depend on you for its lifetime.

Suitable for adults, children, and friends, a Family Welcoming and Naming Ceremony is a beautiful and festive occasion. It’s an opportunity for connection, conversation, laughter, happy tears, and some snuggles. (Provided the celebrated guest will allow..!)

Pet Adoption Ceremony Contents

A ceremony that I will create after interviewing you and any others might include these elements:

  • Welcome

  • Opening ritual to create a still/sacred space

  • Story of first meeting and adoption

  • Story behind name

  • Name proclamation, including surname

  • Family’s promise to animal and acceptance of responsibility

  • Assignment of guard-parent(s)

  • Closing ritual

  • Party!

The Benefits of a Pet Adoption Ceremony

To formally honor and acknowledge your pet adoption is very meaningful for all the hearts involved. In a Family Welcoming and Naming Ceremony, guests and participants together celebrate and affirm the special pure nature of the human-animal bond, which many people experience as uniquely loving, nurturing and spiritual.

As a certified Pet Celebrant, animal rescue volunteer and a critter mom myself, I will be delighted to help you officially welcome your newest family member with all appropriate joyful noise and fanfare!

Every ceremony I create is custom and uniquely personal, so be assured your ceremony will reflect your personality, style, traditions, spiritual beliefs and values. You will give final approval to the ceremony script, and receive a keepsake copy at a later date.

Contact me to get started. This occasion is so much fun to create—I can’t wait!