“Wilbur often thought of Charlotte. A few strands of
her old web still hung in the doorway. Every day he
would stand and look at the torn, empty web, and a
lump would come to his throat. No one had ever had such a friend, so affectionate, so loyal, and so skillful.”

Charlotte’s Web ~E.B. White

two doves lift a manuscript that represents the life story of a deceased pet or a eulogy for a human written by a pet



Your Pet’s Life Story (Outside of a Ceremony)

Storytelling is an important part of life-cycle ceremonies, including for pets. Within a companion animal’s Celebration of Life, I share an authentic story that conveys their wondrous journey, personality and closest relationships, plus serves afterwards as a precious written keepsake.

If you, for some reason, decided not to hold a memorial service and feel too much time has elapsed since your pet passed on, I am happy to write your deceased companion’s mini-memoir at any point, including outside of a ceremony.

I would follow my usual working protocol and create this uplifting life story by interviewing one or more family members, possibly friends. By also looking at photos, social media postings, video etc., I would gather additional information, and get an intuitive feeling for your animal. I’d provide a draft version of my pet tribute for review and comment, and incorporate any final changes. The completed document includes a cover and (optional) illustrated portrait—a treasure trove of happy memories that can be relived and shared.

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“Oh, if only Apollo and Artemis could speak …
the colorful tales those pampered cats would tell at Uncle Albert’s funeral!” ~Anonymous Niece

Eulogy for a Human, “written” by their Animal

Because an animal companion can play such a deeply meaningful role in a person’s life, it can feel like an unfortunate omission to exclude them from their beloved guardian’s memorial service beyond a passing mention.

However, within a Celebration of Life for a human being that is intended to be authentic, meaningful and satisfying, it is entirely possible to give recognition and a voice to a beloved pet!

By gathering information from close family members and looking at your photos and videos, I can meld facts and intuition to craft a poignant, gently humorous story or poem that can serve as an intimate eulogy “written” by an animal (or two, or three …) for their deceased human.

This unique element can be very effective in portraying your loved one completely—for many people, their relationship with their animal companion was a consistent expression of their best, happiest self.

A eulogy ghost-written for a pet can add a memorable note to a ceremony. It will frequently provide a bit of lightness and laughter at the just right time in a skillfully choreographed event.

Click here to read a tribute poem that I wrote to reflect the unique bond between a deceased man nicknamed Wink, and his two adored corgi girls.

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E-Invitation to a Pet Ceremony

Once you have decided to hold a Family Welcoming and Naming ceremony or a Celebration of Life for your pet, you will want to invite guests to come and to participate. Generally, this is done with an email, although a digitally printed invitation is always a lovely option!

Of course, you will want to provide the practical details—date, time, address and so forth—but it is also a nice thing to explain to friends why you are holding the ceremony and to give them a sense for what they can expect, because attending an adoption or memorial ceremony for an animal will be a new experience for many.

Plus, it’s common that a client will want to co-create a special table or altar with me as a focal point for the occasion. Guests often enjoy contributing to this decorative arrangement, e.g., bringing flowers candles to match the theme color. Or they may choose to take part in other ways, such as preparing a personal story to share, making food, etc. Any options to participate should be included in the invite, and poetic wording can help set the mood for your very special event.

As an add-on service to our Honoring Animals with Ceremony working agreement, I would love to help you craft the perfect invitation, which you can then distribute by email or snail mail to your ceremony guest list.

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