Give sorrow words. The grief that does not speak / Whispers the o’erfraught heart and bids it break.”

Macbeth ~William Shakespeare

graphic hands lift a lotus flower towards the sun, symbolizing a support ceremony for veterinary staff and animal rescue groups.



If you work in veterinary medicine or in the animal rescue field, it is pretty much assured that you have entered the field out of genuine love and concern for the welfare of creatures great and small. Your work can be very satisfying, and successes can bring joy and a sense of pride and fulfillment of true purpose.

But the challenges for animal healthcare professionals and animal rescue workers are substantial, too. Both endeavors are potentially stressful and intense, impacting mind, body and spirit over time.

For you, any given day or night may contain bereaved or angry clients, aggressive and uncooperative animals, severe illnesses or injuries caused by trauma, neglect or abuse, or the necessary euthanasia of a favorite rescue or patient.

Repeated routine exposure to the suffering of pets and pet parents—plus other challenges inherent in caring and advocating for animals with a team—make burnout and compassion fatigue real and regular occupational hazards.

Tools for Well-being in Animal Rescue and Veterinary Care

Experienced organizations safe-guard against this by fostering a caring and appreciative culture that encourages open, honest communication among all personnel, and promotes a healthy work-life balance and excellent self-care.

Stress-reduction techniques such as breath-work, tapping (EFT) and meditation can be job-saving when used daily.

It is also very beneficial for a work family to gather together to release painful emotions and regain healthy perspectives on roles and responsibilities using custom ceremony.

As a certified celebrant, pet loss grief recovery specialist, feral cat rescuer and critter mom myself, I would be honored to co-create with you a private Healing, Release and Re-commitment Ceremony that will resonate deeply with you and your group.

Every ceremony I write and officiate is uniquely personal and authentic to my client, so be assured your ceremony would reflect your group’s personality, your style, traditions, spiritual beliefs and values as it met your needs.

Contents of a Professional Support Ceremony

A ceremony designed for healing, release and re-commitment might include:

  • Welcome

  • Creation of a still/sacred space

  • Statement of ceremonial purpose

  • Acknowledgment of best efforts

  • Gratitude for patient health, healing and recovery

  • Remembering deceased animals

  • Ritual release and meditation

  • Renewal of commitment

  • Closing words

Your occasion could be held in the office, a home, or in another suitable venue according to preference and the number of people in attendance.

The Benefits of a Professional Support Ceremony

A custom Professional Support Ceremony is a compassionate, meaningful, and team-building occasion. It is a powerful method to regain spiritual grounding and emotional uplift, and an opportunity to re-remember why it is that you have chosen to do the difficult and important work that you do.

For more information about Healing, Release and Re-commitment ceremonies, please contact me.